Monday, February 08, 2016

TPPA Protests

The TPPA was signed in New Zealand last week. Large crowds marched in the streets to protest against it. Their main concern seems to be loss of sovereignty, due to the investor/state dispute settlement process provided by the TPPA.

The problem with this concern about sovereignty is that we do not have any sovereignty. We lost our sovereignty a long time ago.

Sovereignty is authority. At the beginning, God gave authority over the earth to humans. However, the first humans rejected God, and by default, gave authority over the earth to the spiritual powers of evil. That is why the wold is such a mess.

Jesus defeated the powers of evil on the cross and took back the authority (sovereignty) that they had stolen. However, most humans ignore Jesus, so they lose the benefit of the authority he restored, enabling the spiritual powers of evil to continue exercising authority on earth.

The protesters are angry about the economic poverty and related social problems. They blame the government, but they are looking in the wrong direction. They should be blaming the spiritual powers of evil, who have stolen sovereignty on earth and used the authority to wreak havoc on earth. Unfortunately, they just ignore protests, or stir them to achieve more evil.

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August said...

How does this work in life? Avoid compromised authorities?