Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection of a Church.
  • Each Church should be led by a team of elders who submit to each other for protection from evil. If one falls, the others will raise him up. It is unlikely that all would fall at the same time. The elders have strong relationships with each other. Their unity is strength.

  • An elder is watching over each Christian and covering them with prayer. Each member is submitted to the elders. This gives them protection from any fall that would make them vulnerable to the devil.
  • The elders are a balanced team. The pastor-teachers deal with hurts or relationship problems that could cause problems. The prophet challenges false ideas and rebellion that could break in.
  • The people of the Church are submitted to each other, so they have authority to do battle for each other. If a person is attacked by evil, his friends have the authority to stand together with him in prayer. If a person falls into deception or sin, his friends will challenge him before too much damage is done. He will accept their correction, because he knows that they love him.
  • If the friends cannot get victory, they can call on the elders for help. The elders are looking outward, resisting the devil. They stand united against him (James 4:7).
  • Living in the same location is important for spiritual protection. If a Church can establish a spiritual stronghold in the locality where they live, getting victory over evil will be come much easier.
Being Church Where We Live, p.87.

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