Monday, October 16, 2017

Different Weapons

In the Book of Revelation, followers of Jesus do not have guns. Their only weapons are love, faithfulness and truth (Rev 14:5). The only protection is white linen robes, which represents their righteous deeds (Rev 19:8).

The only sword that followers of Jesus carry is the word of God, spoken clearly (Rev 19:13,15).

The enemies of God do have weapons (Rev 6:2,4,8; 9:17-19).

Many of those who follow Jesus will be killed because they trust God and proclaim his words (Rev 6:9). They do not fight back with guns. They overcome evil by love, faithfulness, mercy and suffering. Just like Jesus did.

The Kingdom of God comes through their suffering and patient endurance (Rev 1:9).

God is looking for people who will trust in him, and not in guns, so he can give his Kingdom to them.

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