Friday, October 27, 2017

Foolish Words

Bad spirits obey authority. Sometimes they obey other bad spirits. Quite often they obey the authority of parents as they exercise authority their children and wives. When a parent makes a statement about their children, an impure spirit can obey it. If a parent says, “He is always sick”, it tells a spirit of sickness what to do.

If a parent says, “He is always angry” that gives a spirit of anger the right to attack. If a husband says that his wife is always afraid, it gives a spirit of fear the right to attack. Parents and husbands should be careful about what they say about wives and children, because spirits looking for authority to obey will hear their words and implement them.

When we say things about people over whom we have influence, impure spirits will often obey because they recognise our authority. If I say, “I hope he will get sick”, I am giving an impure spirit the authority it needs to attack. If I say about a friend, “His business will fail”, I give a spirit of destruction instructions about what to do. I should not be surprised if it happens, because I have given an impure spirit authority to do it. When Elisha rebuked the young men, he told the impure spirits that control the two bears to destroy them (2 Kings 2:24).

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