Friday, October 06, 2017

War Weapons

Last night Television New Zealand news, I saw an operator of a Second Amendment Gun shop in the United States being interviewed. He explained that American citizens needed to own the same guns as the government, so that if it ever came to get them, they could fight back. Looking from the other side of the world this sounds bizarre.

Americans who think this way do not realise that they are already ruled and controlled by the most powerful government that has ever existed (a real beast if ever there was one). By the democracy that they believe in, they have already given up a huge range of freedoms. They have paid for the bailout of the enormous state-supported banks that are sucking the wealth out of their communities.

Worse still, they have submitted to the spirits of war and violence, that already control their government.

Ironically, they love the way their government tramps round the world using military force to impose democracy and American values on unwilling peoples. They do not seem to see care that their government has wrecked societies and economies in places like Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

If the people who buy military weapons ever did fight back against their government, it would result in a similar pointless destruction of the communities that they love.

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