Tuesday, January 30, 2018

JMP (9) Too Good to be a King

David was an extremely good man. He prefigured Jesus in the way he tried to forgive and restore those who rebelled against him. The problem is that forgives of enemies does not work in a kingdom, because it just encourages other usurpers to rebel and attempt to seize part of the kingdom.

In a way Joab understood the nature of political power based on military force better than David. Joab acted to prevent unnecessary bloodshed, but he was absolutely ruthless in dealing with those who tried to usurp the king's power.

Although he was skilled in maintaining a kings power, he is not a person anyone would want their sons to emulate. That is the irony of political power based on military force. It needs ugly people to make it successful. That is why God’s perfect system of government does not need political power and military force.

God had already given a perfect system of government through Moses that does not rely on political power and military force. It does not need permanent military commanders with all the problems that they bring.

David loved the law, but don’t know if understood what Moses had provided. However, he could not operate in it anyway, because the people of Israel has chosen to copy the surrounding nations and have a king. David was stuck with being a king, which was a sub-optimal form of government that does not work.

Because he had to be a king, he needed military force to maintain his position of top-down power. He needed a ruthless commander to establish his throne and to ensure his victories over all opposition. He needed military power, but it gave the spiritual powers of evil a hold on his kingdom. Human kingship and imposed authority never escapes the disruptive violence of military force.

Jesus is the perfect king, because he sent the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of his followers. They obey the Spirit, because they love Jesus, so there is no need for military force to protect his kingdom.

Jesus kingdom is a totally different kingdom. It expands and grows without any need for political or military power. I describe it more fully in Government of God.

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