Friday, January 19, 2018

King Herod

We think of King Herod as a baddy, but for many in Israel he was a hero. Although the Romans had conquered them, Herod had been able to retain his role as king.

He had rebuilt the temple and made it into one of the wonders of the ancient world. Many people hoped that God would come and make his dwelling place, as he had done for Solomon. A group of people called the Herodians saw Herod as a sign of God’s blessing (Mark 3:6; 12:13).

Yet when the wise men from the East came to inquire about a new king, Herod flew into a rage and killed hundreds of baby boys. Why so ruthless? When he gained authority, Herod came under intense spiritual attacks by the spiritual powers of evil, who were able to control him for their purposes. This is what always happens to politicians. They often start out good, but come under spiritual attack and become evil.

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