Saturday, January 13, 2018

Prophets and Pastors

I get emails from people claiming to be the prophet in Rev 11, the next Elijah or something big like that 😏. I usually just ignore them.

I get many more emails from people who are more humble. They believe they have a prophet gift, but are not trusted by their pastor. This seems to be a universal problem for people with a prophetic calling. And there is no easy solution, especially when they get a word for their pastor.

These situations tend to end in tears, because pastors have all the power. How far it will go depends on how good the prophetic person’s relationship with their pastor is, and how far they are willing to push it.

The problem is with the pastor role, not the prophetic role. The one-man band pastor role is impossible for any person to do, so most pastors are living on the edge of failure. That makes them very insecure, but of course, they cannot acknowledge it. Therefore, having a prophet around, who might know stuff about them is really scary. It is worse, when the prophetic person claims to have a word for them.

A prophetic person is responsible to God for their words, not to their pastor. They should feel free to speak what God is saying, subject the following.

  • They need to be sure that their word is from the Lord. Do they have other people in the church that they trust whom can bounce things off.

  • They need to know how, when and to whom they should share the word. God can show that stuff, if he can give the word.

  • They need to be sure that their heart is right. A true word is killed by a wrong heart. When they have been rejected by a pastor and it seems like he is obstructing their ministry, it is really hard to keep their attitude right. They need to have a really strong love for the person receiving the word.

  • They need to be very clear about whom the word is to be spoken to. God might not want them all spoken to their pastor. For many words, just declaring them in quiet prophetic intercession will be sufficient. It releases the Holy Spirit and the angels to implement the declared word.

Having done all these, the word might still not be accepted. That is something a prophetic person has to get used to.

A question they need to be constantly asking is the following. Why do they need to speak to the pastor? Does he need to hear the word, or do they need the recognition he could give?

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