Friday, January 12, 2018

Thank you Mr President

In an article called Thank you Mr President, Bill Bonner has an amusing take on Donald Trump.

What “The Donald” understood better than the professional politicians was that democratic politics is basically a form of entertainment. It’s a sordid part of show biz – all hocus pocus… suspension of disbelief… and performance art – closer to nude mud wrestling than The Crown.

Trump, a lifelong celebrity, sensed that the role of president has little to do with geopolitical facts, mastery of the federal budget, or knowledge of history. It’s more like a reality TV show or a WWE wrestling match – with put downs, posturing and fake fights. In other words, it was right up his alley...

Mr. Trump understood, too, that the real task of government – bossing people around and ripping them off – is done by the Deep State, the cronies, the elite, and the lifers in D.C.

Bill Bonner is an astute observer. There is more than an ounce of truth to his observation that the role of the president is to provide entertainment while the real power of government is worked by the professionals in Washington. They carry on regardless of who wins the election.

However, Bill misses one key point. He does not seem to realise that the spiritual powers of evil are deeply imbedded in the Washington swamp. They control what happens, regardless of who is the Entertainer-in-Chief.

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