Thursday, October 14, 2021

Discipleship not Preaching

Jesus never suggested that disciples can be trained by sitting and listing to an expert urging them to do things. Listening to sermons rarely changes a person’s behaviour and seldom changes their attitudes or character. The reality is that much modern preaching sets people onto a guilt trip. They are told that they are responsible for sharing the gospel and being witnesses to the world, but they don’t know how to do it. The urgency of the preacher just magnifies their guilt.

Jesus had a different way of training disciples.

  • He took people with him and did the things that he wanted them to do while they were with him observing. Sometimes they would get bold and join in.

  • Afterwards, he explained what he had done and why it was effective.

  • Once they understood his approach, he sent them out in pairs to do what he had shown them how to do.

  • Once these people were confident in doing his work, the pair could split and take two less experienced people out with them to learn how to do Jesus’ work.

Jesus’ method of discipleship frequently multiplied the number of his followers who knew to share the gospel in the same way as he did.

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