Sunday, October 31, 2021

Epochal Events (10) Advance of the Gospel

The events that end of the Time of Distress release the Holy Spirit to carry the gospel to the world. The Advance of the Gospel marks the beginning of the next season. Several changes make a rapid advance of the gospel possible.

  • With all constraints gone, the Holy Spirit will be free to do his stuff in a new way.

  • The suffering of the Time of Distress will have purified the church. It will be radical and ready to proclaim the good news.

  • The gospel will be preached in the power of the Spirit. He will accompany the gospel with signs and wonders that confirm the love and power of God (Mark 16:16-17).

  • Christians will have been forced to build strong relationships with each other in order to survive through the Time of Distress. People will be able to see the new commandment being lived out in their neighbourhoods (John 13:34). They will be drawn to Christians loving each other as Jesus loves them.

  • People who have experienced Christian generosity during tough times will have tested this love and proved it is real.

  • Jewish Christians will preach the gospel of the Kingdom with zeal and fervour throughout the world.

  • The nations of the world will have trusted human governments for peace and prosperity. When peace and prosperity are stripped away, and governments go down the gurgler, people will be desperate for a better saviour. Jesus will stand out from the pack.

  • The truncated church will reach its fulness as the barrier between the Jews and Gentiles are broken down.

  • The principalities and powers will be crippled by the collapse of human governments.

The book of Revelation describes the eternal gospel going into the world.

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