Monday, October 25, 2021

Epochal Events (6) - Time of Distress

The end of the Times of the Gentiles is marked by a Time of Distress. Daniel was told that multitudes from his nation would receive salvation during a Time of Distress for the nations (Dan 12:2,3). It is also described as a time of wrath (Dan 8:1; 11:36). However, although it is a difficult time, God will also pour out his Spirit during this time. Moreover, because God is merciful, it will be cut short; it is only half a time.

The Time of Distress will be painful for the world, as troubles and tribulations will break out everywhere. The spiritual powers of evil will be angry at losing power, so evil will be rampant.

  • Economies will collapse.
  • Global trade will contract.
  • The division of labour will shrink.
  • Wealth will disappear.
  • Famine and disaster will be widespread.
  • Sickness and disease will be unstoppable.
  • Wars will increase in intensity.
  • Security structures will fall apart.
  • Political power will be concentrated.
  • Police and defence forces may not be paid.
  • Many will desert their posts.
  • Some military leaders will morph into warlords.
  • Violent youths will rampage through towns and cities.
  • Fear and dread will be pervasive.

The distress will build slowly. Initially, governments will hold back the worst effects, so most people will be confident that the good times will return.

The Time of Distress will be a huge disappointment for many Christians, especially those who trust false teachings.

  • People who trust the prosperity gospel will find themselves suffering.

  • Christians hoping for a rapture rescue will find themselves living through troubles.

  • Many Christians see the state of Israel as proof of God’s faithfulness and a sign that the second coming is near. When Israel is invaded by a western nation (not Iran or Russia), they will be disillusioned.

  • Christians who believe in democracy will be shattered when their governments begin to persecute them.

  • Many Christians have trusted the power of the state to maintain peace and order. They will be shocked when their governments begin to persecute Christians.

Most Christians will be totally unprepared for the Time of Distress and will be thrown into confusion and despair. Many will fall away from the faith, and the church will appear to die.

A radical church that has survived underground and prepared below the radar will burst onto the world stage. The people of the world will be totally shocked when they realise that the church is not dead but different and far more powerful.

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