Sunday, January 28, 2024

Gaza Massacre (2)

The complicity of western political leaders in the destruction of Gaza is ugly, revealing their moral bankruptcy.

The blanket support of Israel by Christians, particularly in the United States, is disturbing.
Thousands of bombs made and paid for by Christian America have been dropped on trapped civilians, but no one cares.

The euphoric and jubilant approval of this destructive violence by Christian leaders is disturbing. A steep price will be paid in increasing hostility to the gospel, particularly in the parts of the world where the deliverance from evil that Jesus died for is so desperately needed.

God's people have become an embarrassment to God.

The dreadful silence of the American internet prophets is distressing, but not unexpected.

What happens spiritually to a nation whose prophets and spiritual leaders spill out hatred and anger, and suck in lies with keen willingness; especially when they don't realise that the hatred and anger is there, because they have been with them for so long that they have become their friend, and the lies have become so comfortable that they seem like the truth.

The shame that has been released is a blot that can never be covered up.

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