Saturday, January 27, 2024

Gaza Massacre

The judgment of the International Court of Justice released today was shaped by both political expediency and by justice, which is not surprising given it is a human court formed on political lines.

I am more interested in the judgment of God.

The defenders of Israel say, "This justifies that?"
But they forget that the standard God requires of Israel is much higher because they claim to be his people, as is his standard for the United States because they claim to be a Christian nation.
God's calling gives responsibilities, not rights and privileges.
Those with the most power have the greatest responsibility.

The state of Israel is exposing its ugly heart to God before the face of the people of the world.

Indiscriminate bombing followed by a brutal invasion.
Twenty-six thousand people dead, the majority of them women and children.
Sixty-five thousand injured.
Thousands are missing, many of them dying a slow and painful death under rubble.
Hospitals and schools destroyed.
Civilian infrastructure demolished.
Half the houses in Gaza destroyed.
Property ownership records have been destroyed.
Pregnant women without care.
New-born babies dying due to lack of nutrition and medical care.
Children having limbs amputated without anaesthetics.
Deliveries of food, water and medical supplies cut off.
Millions starved and thirsty.
Sickness and disease spreading.
Thousands living in tents during winter.
Thirty thousand bombs and shells have been dropped on Gaza — eight times more bombs than the U.S. dropped on Iraq during six years of war.
Hundreds of 2,000-pound bombs have obliterated densely populated areas, including refugee camps.
Huge bombs dropped on the places where people were told to go for safety.
Vulgar and violent behaviour by IDF soldiers,
Shooting Israeli hostages,
Gassing three Israeli hostages.
Surrendering prisoners shot dead.
A man waving a white flag shot dead.
Israel is exposing the brutality, anger, hatred and fear in its heart before the entire world.
People with their eyes open are seeing through Israeli lies and justifying propaganda.

The ugly heart of the Israeli nation is being revealed.
Their defenders will continue to deny the truth,
but anyone with half-open eyes can see it.

Anyone who claims these actions are blessed by God has a very ugly god: not the one I serve.

I am not a lawyer, so I don’t know if the Israeli actions listed above meet the legal criteria to be called genocide, ethnic cleansing, or just massive war crimes. However, I have been reading the book of Jeremiah over the last month, and it is clear that modern Israel’s sins definitely meet Jeremiah’s standard for failure to obey God. As I read what the Israeli government and military have been doing, I have been shocked. Their sins seem to be far worse than those that got Jeremiah’s Judah exiled to Babylon.

The main sins of the people in Jehoiachin and Zechariah’s time were breaking the Sabbath, worshipping idols and trusting in military alliances with other nations for their security. They will demand a retrial, if God does not judge the far more serious sins of modern Israel more seriously.

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