Friday, January 12, 2024

Irish Prophet

I have just listened to the statement by Irish lawyer Blinne Ní Ghrâlaigh on behalf of South Africa in its case against Israel at the International Court of Justice. A link is here. Every person who cares about people should listen to it.

Her presentation was the most prophetic word that I have heard this year. Her incisive presentation of the truth makes the prophetic words on various prophetic bulletin boards that I read seem lame by comparison. I presume she is not a Christian, which makes the silence of the Christian prophets at this time even more sad.

(Please do not bother arguing or criticising if you have not listened to her speech in its entirety and some of the arguments by other South African lawyers).

Clearly, the Britain and the United States were extremely embarrassed by the South African presentation, as these two nations have provided many of the bombs and surveillance that has supported Israeli slaughter in Gaza. In a desperate effort to keep the South African case out of the evening news in America, they deliberately launched missile attacks against the Houthi in Yemen, allegedly as revenge for their attacks against Israeli shipping. However, the timing suggests that it is a cynical attempt to manipulate the news cycle.

The US and Britain had the temerity to call their efforts Operation Prosperity Guardian. This is really cynical, as a decade ago, Yemen was one of the poorest nations in the world. Over the last five years, Saudi Arabia bombed Yemen severely with the logistical and targeting assistance of the United States, killing at least 50,000 people, so the nation must be even poorer now. So clearly, Operation Prosperity Guardian is not guarding the prosperity of the poor people of Yemen.

The decision of the court will probably be driven by politics than the truth, so the greatest risk to Israel from the South African case is in the court of public opinion. If the best argument that the US and the UK have against the case is to attack on the poorest country in the world as a distraction, they must be really worried.

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