Saturday, August 09, 2008


Judging by his last speech before leaving for Beijing to watch the Jingo Games, George W is quite put out by the Chinese government for invading Tibet and putting dissenters in prison without trial.

What is wrong with these pesky Chinese. Don’t they know that God has given America special authority to invade any country in the world and change the government by force. Only America is allowed to hold taxi drivers in prison forever without trial.

While he is in China, George had better put these upstarts right.


Gene Redlin said...

Man Ron,

You are full of false equivalences.

The two aren't the same at any level.

But, I'll never convince you. You have this Utopian view of how things ought to be without any guns or weapons between combatants. Fully unreasonable but a nice fantasy life.

We have a name for such. Defeated, oppressed, dominated. Oh, not on a personal level, but on a national level.

You have a serious case of Bush Hatred Derangement syndrome combined with blindness to anything GOOD the USA has done. Like enter IRAQ.

We will never agree on this one. I believe you to be in complete delusion and I suppose the opposite is true.

I have never come to grips with the reality that people with which I can share so much truth in so many areas can be so wrong at the same time in other areas. How did this divide happen? When it comes to this single issue we diverge at 180 degrees. Howcome?

Speaking for myself, how can you be so right 90% of the time and so wrong on this? I suppose you might ask me the same question.


I guess if I believed for a second it was me I would reconsider. I don't.

RonMcK said...

If you were certain, you would not be so wound up.
If I were uncertain, I would not be laughing.

PS When your lame duck quacks tough, it is hard not to laugh. I feel no anger or hatred, only pity.

"Georgia is a sovereign nation. Its territorial interity must be respected." Yep. Thats his standard.