Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From a Distance

Many commentators have written that John McCain is ready to be president because he has experienced war. That is true. McCain experienced life as a prisoner of war, but he did not experience the real horror of war.

As he flew his Skyhawk at ten thousand feet above North Vietnam, he just pushed the button and released his bombs. He then returned to his aircraft carrier, had a shower and sat down in comfort for a good meal.

He did not hear the people screaming as his bombs descended upon them. He did see their limbs being torn off. He did not hear the muffled cries of people crushed under the weight of collapsed buildings. He did not see people being burned to death by his bombs. He did no hear the mothers crying because his bombs had killed their children.

John McCain did war from a distance. He did not see the death and destruction he wrought. That makes him dangerous.

I understand that the American Air Force only dropping bombs on military targets, and that innocent civilians are supposed to get out of the way when they see them coming. I presume that John McCain killed women and children to protect us from a terrible, evil threat, but I cannot remember what it was.

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