Sunday, August 17, 2008

Winning the War (2)

I judge the success of any activity by its contribution to the Kingdom of God. The only test for whether an enterprise has been successful is whether it has advanced the Kingdom of God.

Has the won war in Iraq advanced the kingdom of God? Have the American boys and girls who invaded Iraq with their guns and Bibles helped advance the Kingdom of God.

Those who cannot tell the difference between the kingdom of God and the American system will say they have. Those with clear understanding of the Kingdom God will realise that the Kingdom of God has gone backwards in the Middle East.

Thirty years ago, the Middle East was ruled by secular governments. Islam was cultural religion being drowned by modernism and secularism. It was ripe for the gospel, but American military adventures have turned that around. Now Islam is alive, stirred up and militant. More and more nations are ruled by Islamic governments. The Americans have just installed another one in Iraq. Good move, George.

Meanwhile the people planning the next big attack are probably living in America already. They will be getting organised and planning their plans moves. Some members of their team could even be working for the Federal Government.

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