Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Second Coming Delayed

George W Bush is unwittingly holding back the second coming of Jesus.

According to Hal Lindsay, John Hagee and Grant Jeffries, Iran and some other nations will invade Israel, just before Jesus returns. During this war, nuclear weapons will be released on the mountains of Israel.

The interesting question that Hal, Hag and Jeff do not address is where these nuclear weapons come from. The only Middle East nation that currently has nuclear weapons is Israel, but Israel would not bomb itself. This means that Iran will need to develop nuclear weapons before this prophecy can be fulfilled.

This provides an awful dilemma for Hal, Hag and Jeff.

  • Jesus cannot return until Iran has nuclear weapons.
  • President Ahmadinejad of Iran is doing his bit and attempting to develop nuclear weapons.
  • George W is preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
It follows that George W is holding back the second coming.

Christians who are looking for the second coming should be praying for President Ahmadinejad. If he does not get on with the job, Jesus might not be able to return. Maybe George W is losing popularity because he is holding back Jesus.

Does this sound like nonsense? Of course it is. This just proves that Hal, Hag and Jeff have lost the plot. For more see False Teaching.

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