Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prophetic Crunch

The impact of the credit crunch in America will very different from other countries.

America is in the process of grouching toward being the Beast. The home of market capitalism and the bastion of independence is becoming the breeding ground for state power. Faith in the state has been growing rapidly in the United States over the last few decades. The state has now made a huge series of interventions in the economy and most Americans are cheering. People who would not accept telephone number that includes the digits 666 are glad that the state is bailing out the banks. They will never be able to resist the creeping power of the state again.

The credit crunch will not destroy American power. The productive base of the American economy is still strong, so after a brief hiccup, America will keep on growing as the world empire. The only impact of the credit crunch will be a sharp shift from freedom and independence towards state subservience and control. This radical change will have happened without even a whimper of protest.


Anonymous said...

"The state has now made a huge series of interventions in the economy and most Americans are cheering.". As an American, I object to the above statement as being incorrect. You can't correctly assess what is going on in the United States by reading magazines and newspapers, or watching television. There are a lot of good things going on in America that are never going to be reported on by television or to be found in periodicals. You just have to be here to experience them for yourself. "There's a legion that's never been listed; that carries no colors nor crest; but split in a thousand detachments; is breaking the road for the rest."

Criticism aside, I appreciate your page on Christian Economics and pages on a number of other subjects.

Cliff Neill
Mount Gilead,
North Carolina,

Ron McK said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

I am watching from a distance, so I have to rely on what I read in the media, although I realise that they often distort things. I hope I am wrong too.