Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ahab and the Prophetic.

Ahab had an interesting attitude to the prophetic. Many church leaders respond in a similar way.

1) User
Ahab used other people for his purpose.

1 Kings 21:3-11; 22 1-4: 18:5, 22:26
He used woman to do his dirty work
1 Kings 14:2; 21:5-16; 19:1
He was willing to use prophets when it suited.
1 Kings 13:6, 14:2, 20:3.
Vulnerability: Many pastors like to use prophets for their purpose. Some use woman to achieve their goals, because it is easier to manage them. This opens the gate wide to the Jezebel spirit.

2) Court Prophets
They can be relied on to support what the leaders say.
1 Kings 22:10-13,22,23.
Vulnerability: Many churches have tame/pet prophets.

3) Rejected Prophetic Challenge
Ahab was unable to accept a challenge.
1 Kings 17:1, 13:4.
Vulnerability: Many Pastors do not like being challenged.

4) False Accusations
He made false accusations against the prophets
1 Kings 18:17, 21:20
Vulnerability: It is easy to spread rumours about prophets.

5) Hostile to prophets
Ahab attacked the prophets when challenged. He tried to destroy them
1 Kings 13:4; 18:9, 14, 22:26,27
He raised his hand against them.
Vulnerability: Many prophets have been destroyed by Pastors.

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Gene said...

I posted this on my blogsite.

IT was actually hard to read because it's so true. I have experienced much of that treatment at the hands of Ahab.

Remember Jezebel was the queen, but AHAB was KING.

Thanks for this insight.