Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Horned Prophets (5) Spiritual Interpretation

The evil gangs that Rick saw sound like gangs of evil spirits attacking the United States. The intensity of their violence, cruelty and destruction points to the powers of darkness. The devil is the one who came to steal, destroy and kill. The horrific activities Rick saw sound like his work.

I believe that God is warning that large host of evil spirits is attacking the United States. They have been allowed in by the activities of the federal government. The people of the United States do not worship idols made of wood and stone. Instead, they have made an idol of the federal government. They expect it to provide with the blessings listed in Deuteronomy 28. They look to the federal government for peace and prosperity. Rick Joyner’s concern about the federal government’s failure to seal the borders reflects that attitude.

This faith in government is leading to a vast accumulation of power by the federal government. They are using fear and uncertainty as tools to gain greater power and authority. The TSA and the department of Homeland Security now have unprecedented authority and power.

Spiritual Disaster
This accumulating of political and military power has a perverse spiritual effect. The powers of evil are attracted to political and military power, because they can use it to leverage their power. This is why kings and governments end up being controlled by principalities and powers in the spiritual realms. The greater the political and military power, the more intense will be the spiritual attack, because the more the spiritual powers have to gain. They can massively amplify their power by working through political power.

God is warning that the unprecedented political power that has been accumulated by the federal government in the United States is opening the door for a massive spiritual attack by the powers of evil. This is probably the best opportunity that they have had since the days of the Roman Empire. The United States has more power than any nation that has ever existed. Much of that power is exercised by the president. The powers of evil are flooding into the United States to attack the president and federal authorities. Many have been carried back by servicemen returning from wars in the Middle East. This is why the attack was so serious in Texas.

The possibility of terrorist attacks is feeding the fear that increases political power, which strengthens the principalities and powers. Rick Joyner’s interpretation contributes to that fear, but an army of evil spirits will cause for more harm than a few terrorists groups could do. The terrorists might kill a few thousand people. That would be awful for the people concerned, but life in the rest of the United States would go on as usual. A host of evil spiritual powers will hurt and destroy millions. That is the real threat that Christians should be concerned about.

A spiritual attack of this scale should not be able to happen in a Christian country. The prayers of the saints should have sent them packing. That has not happened, because, like the second generation of Israel described above, the current generation of Americans has fallen into idolatry. They have made an idol of the federal government, so they have no spiritual authority to pray against spiritual attacks that are coming through it. Rick Joyner is a prophet, but his faith in the federal government to seal the border and solve the problem, limits his ability to pray against the real spiritual attack that is coming through this idol.

Hating Political Power
The intense spiritual attack against the United States that God is warning about will probably succeed. The result will be a terrible distress for a nation that has experienced amazing blessing. When things go wrong, people blame their god. When disaster strikes the United States, people will blame the federal government. The situation will get so bad that the people will turn upon their idol and hate it with a vengeance. This is what Rick Joyner saw in the latter part of the dream. He saw it as a problem, because he is a horned prophet, but it will actually be a blessing.

The people will wake up and realise that the federal government is not their saviour, but their enemy. They will realise that it is not capable of delivering the peace and prosperity it has promised. They will realise that the powers of evil have been using it do them in.

The people will rise up and throw off their shackles. The federal government will be forced to flee from many states. The states will reject power. Many people will reject the state authorities, because they have colluded with the federal authorities.


Anonymous said...

If Joyner is a politically conservative American Christian, he already regards the federal government as a threat to everything holy. The Religious Right is very hostile toward the feds (and vice versa). Conservative Christians in the US regard the federal government as threat to Christianity and as the usurper of powers rightly belonging to the states--BUT they want the federal government to do the job that it is legally obligated to do along the borders. The federal government at present is deliberately negligent in this matter, as porous borders suit the current administration's ideology, which is oriented toward eroding traditional values by demographic and economic means, using the charge of racism as a club with which to beat opponents. Most conservatives would welcome a vast decrease in federal power, and many have enthusiastically signed petitions advocating the secession of individual states from the union.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at various articles, and it seems that Joyner is saying that martial law is not a good thing but that it is inevitable, and if properly handled could restore the health of the Republic. This does seem idolatrous. I understand the opposition of most military leaders to the leftist ideology that has become normative within the federal government, but in this matter Joyner appears to be calling upon one idol to combat another. I have trouble imagining a large standing military establishment ever restoring the relationship between states and national government that was intended to limit (among other things) a large standing military. The root of all problems in the US is the lawlessness in the hearts of the people. Unless and until this is addressed, the most basic principles of right and wrong will go unheeded, and God will not bless the enterprise.

Ron McK said...

Another twist in tomorrows post will give the answer.