Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Islamic State (9) Fear of Islam

Many Christians are worried about Islam and the Middle East. They see it as a single entity fighting the west. For a start, the largest Moslem country in the world is Indonesia. The reality is that Islam in the Middle East will dominated by these three principalities and powers described in the previous post. They will always be in conflict with each other, so they will not be able to unite together for a common purpose.

The main role of the four horsemen is to produce fear. When the people of the world are afraid, they look to the political powers to provide peace. When fear turns into terror, the most powerful human government that the world has ever known will emerge. People and nations will surrender their freedom to the Beast in order to obtain security.

Christians in America seem to be really afraid of the Islamic State. I am not sure why, because it is not capable of inflicting serious harm on the United Sates. Many Christians are demanding that President extend American power to control and destroy the Islamic State. Fear of the world, and trust in political and military power to provide security are the attitudes that will allow the beast of revelation to rise to power.

Christians who trust in God should not fear the world. They should not look to political leaders for salvation. They already have a glorious saviour and wonderful comforter.

Do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it (Is 8:12).
This promise was given in the context of the Spirit of Assyria (Is 8:7).

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Anonymous said...

Paradoxically, Americans fear radical Islam because they fear that something will make them take the Middle East seriously, and they are willing to commit vast resources to protect their own ignorance. When the US has sent troops, it's so the American people and their government will be free to go on living in ignorance. It's similar to most American Christianity: instead of accepting Christ and letting God have his way with you from then on, you "accept Christ" and hope that will buy God off so he'll leave you alone. Muslims don't believe Christ suffered on the Cross, and most of today's Christians have a similar view of their own responsibility to follow him instead of just watching him. In the Middle East, American troops suffer in a large way so that their countrymen at home won't have to experience even minor inconvenience. It's parasitism masquerading as piety (in the case of religion) or patriotism (in politics).