Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Val Wolff

Soon after I became a Christian, I saw someone miraculously healed of sickness. That settled it for me. If God can heal one person, then there is no limit to what he can do. Our poor experience is our problem not God.

That is why I love reading accounts by Christians who have pressed into what God has made available through Jesus and his Spirit and are active in a healing ministry. Val off is one of these people. She is exercises a healing ministry in Durban South Africa.

Val’s book describes some of her experiences and the insights she has gleaned along the way. She begins with a testimony of her own deliverance from sickness after many years of suffering.

The book is relevant Christian who are wrestling with sickness. She explains how soul wounds can be the root cause of sickness. Val has some good insights about how speaking carefully is a key to healing and health. The final chapter explains how we can stand in victory.

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