Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Horned Prophets (6) Local Solution

Rick Joyner’s dream ended with people forming militias to protect their neighbourhoods. He seemed to be ambivalent about these militia, but they are God’s solution to political and spiritual power. Political power will be chopped up, pushed down and spread around to local communities.

Distributing authority is the best protection against the attacks of evil, because even if these powers gain control over individuals, they do not have much authority. Accumulating authority empowers the principalities and powers.

When God lead Israel into the Promised Land, the basic units of the new society were tens, fifties and hundreds (Deut 1:15). The cohesiveness of a society depends on the strength of these basic neighbourhood units. In the Western world, political power has been accumulated up and local communities have been fragmented by urbanisation and industrialisation. Megachurches have adopted the same industrial model that destroys local communities.

God wants to restore churches to local communities. He wants spiritual militia based in local communities providing spiritual protection and uniting neighbourhoods through love and service. The coming together of militia to protect their neighbourhoods, that Rick Joyner did not understand, represent living neighbourhood churches bringing life to their communities. Many will transform into Kingdom communities that bring God’s Kingdom to life in their neighbourhood.

Instead of being afraid of raiders crossing the border, Americans Christians should be getting prepared to serve God during a time of chaos. In the dream, the militias defeated the plague of evil that attacked the land. God is promising victory for those who are ready. If Christians are prepared, they can share with the Holy Spirit in a great victory as his spiritual militias destroy the powers of evil and establish the Kingdom of God.

For more on this topic see Ambush by Commando Units which are the modern equivalent of militia.

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