Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Fighting Against God's Plan (4) Violence

The Western media have frequent discussions about whether Islam is a violent religion or not. Even Barack Obama has been drawn into the debate. As usual, the media are asking the wrong question.

Religion is not the cause of violence. The cause of violence is the spiritual powers of wickedness. They love violence and death.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10).
The spiritual powers of evil love to steal, kill and destroy. When humans sinned, the spiritual powers of evil gained authority on earth. They are the cause of violence in the world.

No religion can protect its adherents from the spiritual powers of evil. Religion does not provide spiritual protection. The only protection from the spiritual powers of evil comes through Jesus. He defeated them on the cross. Those who believe in Jesus and walk in the Spirit have full spiritual protection. If they are part of body of believers with discernment and authority, the powers of evil cannot touch them.

If you visit Moslem people in Iran or Indonesia, you will find them just like other people. Most will just be getting on with their lives, earning a living and caring for their families. They are created in the image of God, so they naturally tend to be peaceful. A proportion of the population will have come under the influence of the spiritual powers of evil and becomes violent. Some will beat their wives and others will get violent if provoked. A few will come under intense attack by the spiritual powers of evil and becomes extremely violent and evil, just like in any other culture.

Some cultures seem to have times when they are more violent than others. This is not the consequence of their religion. It is the consequence of the way that the spiritual powers of evil have chosen to attack them. Sometimes they choose to use violence exert their influence in a culture. At other times, they are more subtle and use more deceptive methods for controlling the society. They are free to choose how they will attack, and the consequences will be different. You do not want to be living in a society where the spiritual powers of evil have decided on the full-scale use of violence.

I am not surprised that some Moslems are violent. Islam does not provide spiritual protection against the powers of evil, so whatever the influence of their religion, some Moslems will be violent. They have no tools for getting free from the influence of evil spiritual powers, so it is not surprising that they can be violent.

What surprises me is that Christian cultures are so violent. Those following Jesus have been set free from the spiritual powers of evil. These powers still attack us, but we have the spiritual armour to deal them. Christians have access to spiritual protection. Yet there is not much evidence of this in Christian cultures. During the twentieth century, millions of people were killed in Europe in two wars between the main Christian empires.

The United States is the most Christian country in the world, yet it also seems to be the most violent nation. It is constantly at war. In this century, American fiascos in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have killed more than a million people, without counting, or caring. Violence permeates its culture and society.

I am not surprised that some Moslem cultures are violent, because they have no spiritual protection. What really surprises me is that America is so violent, given that so many American people do have access to spiritual protection. Maybe it’s spiritual protection is not working, because the people of the United States are so committed to the use of military force and to violent entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

As an American, I agree with your assessment. One problem is that Christians here, involved in a domestic culture war with militant secularists, will do anything to place themselves in disagreement with those secularists--who often are foreign-policy doves. A deeper problem lies with the violence of popular culture, which increasingly glorifies intimidation and force. Christians are still alert (though less so than before) to un-Christian manifestations of sexuality, but they don't have much of a filter where other types of un-Christian conduct are concerned. A large percentage of goods and services are marketed with the idea of helping the consumer show other people what a bad dude he is (or the feminine equivalent) but not many people find that disturbing.