Friday, April 10, 2015

Prophecy and Evil

The spiritual powers of evil are not very creative, so they mostly just repeat what they have done in the past. That is why they are trying to use the Islamic Revival to do what Persia and Babylon did in the past, and Isis to be another Assyria.

Pride and Hubris makes the spiritual powers of evil blind. When they read the prophetic scriptures, they think they describe them winning. When they read the book of Revelation, they think it describes them being victorious, so they are keen to do the things that they read about there.

The powers of evil hope that the events described in the book of Revelation will lead to their success, so they have been trying to get the seven seals started for a long time, but God has been holding them back until the time is right. He has been able to do that because enough people have been praying and calling on him for peace.

So when Jesus opens the first of the seven seals in heaven (Rev 6:1), God removes his restraint, and the powers of evil get straight into it, without God having to do anything. They want to fulfil their warped understanding of God’s plan, so he does not need permission to bring these events to pass.

The same applies with many other prophecies. The powers of evil are looking for new ideas and they think the events described by the prophecy will bring them victory, so they are keen to fulfil them. They usually try to fulfil prophecies too early, so God’s main challenge is to prevent them going to soon. He does this by prompting other groups of spiritual powers to oppose them. The Holy Spirit is skilled at bringing division between them by slipping new ideas into their minds.

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