Monday, April 06, 2015

Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple

I have just started reading Seeing in the Spirit Made Easy by the Praying Medic. I have just read a couple of chapters but I am really impressed.

In my book Kingdom Authority I explain why understanding the spiritual realms is important. They interact with the physical realms in which we live, so understanding what is happening in the spiritual realms is absolutely essential for understanding what is happening on earth. God has given authority on earth to humans, so he needs us to give him authority on earth to complete his plans. We can only do that if we can see what he is wanting to do.

In Kingdom Authority, I did not go into how to see into the spiritual realms, because that was outside the scope of the book. Praying Medic has filled that gap. Chapter 4 of Seeing in the Spirit is the most straightforward, practical teaching on the topic I have ever read. Most important, he brings it down to earth, and makes it relevant for every Christian. Anyone wanting to grow in this area should read this book.

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