Friday, April 24, 2015

Preston Spinkle - Fight (11)

This is my last post on Preston Sprinkle's book called Fight He covers many other topics including Romans 13, just war theory, capital punishment, participation in the military and self defence.

Preston explains that the Book of Revelation is not a justification for war.

Revelation supports Christian nonviolence more aggressively than any other biblical book. Nowhere does Revelation encourage the church to act violently. Human violence is always condemned and suffering is exalted...

In Revelation, victory belongs to victims, and Lamb-like warriors conquer their enemies by being conquered (Fight chapter 9).
That is true and very important for Christians to understand.

Preston sprinkle has written a really important book with many powerful insights. I would urge every Christian who is interested in the relationship between politics and the gospel to read it.

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