Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yemen (1)

A month ago, Saudi Arabia started a bombing campaign in Yemen. This military dictatorship claims to be supporting democracy, but it is actually supporting a ruler who has lost the limited support he had and has refused to hold elections. The bombs have killed 500 civilians, including 150 children.

At a time when we are remembering the horrors of war, the New Zealand Government has been silent about his new horror. The UN Security Council passed a resolution banning the flow of arms to Yemen, but was silent about the illegal military invasion by Saudi Arabia.

New Zealand holds one of the revolving seats on the Security Council. When campaigning for the seat, New Zealand said it would be an independent voice, standing up for justice and law, but now it has just kowtowed to the US and the Saudis by going along with their limp resolution.

The reason for this capitulation is that the New Zealand government is currently trying to negotiate a free trade agreement with Qatar, which is supporting the Saudi war efforts, and does not want to offend them. The NZ Prime Minister was planning a visit to Saudi Arabia that will take place this week. He is wanting to push the free trade deal ahead, so he did not want to disrupt this meeting by being overtly critical of their illegal war.

Back in 1915, we jumped when the British Empire said “Jump!”. We have not learned much since then, because now we dance to the tune of the US Empire. I am embarrassed by this lame behaviour. If it wants to participate in the halls of power at the UN, the New Zealand government needs to show some integrity and moral fortitude.

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