Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Wellington will be confused
People will buzz in and out of the beehive,
uncertain of what to do,
Filled with fear, perplexity and confusion (Is 22:5).

All treading on each other
to get to the top (out of habit),
but not knowing where the top is,
or what they will do if they get there.
Not knowing their right hand
from their left (Jonah 4:11).

Now ideals, except for

Trouble to the left
Trouble to the right
All is confusion
All is confusion
Disaster behind us
Terror ahead of us
all is confusion.

1 comment:

Mary Raponi said...

Brother our Blessed ECONOMIST, Ron McKenzie!............

May I share my journey this morning with you Ron, that YAHUSHUA carried me through after having a very rare sour moment today in denial that I was whining to Father GoD in a more innovative way then usual, I repented to YAHUSHUA and cried for him to pop in a see me,(hahaha) to reveal his magnificence and as always the phone was engaged and I was redirected to another heavenly department here on earth.

I shuffled my feet and I was lovingly sent to another WATCHMAN brother who so well pleases YAHUSHUA's HEART, Steve Quayle and my dear brother once again gives me a sandal slapping reminder of my innate calling and that this moment will pass, the advice from a humble man of GoD was to rally the SPIRIT FAITH filled whanau to PRAY and intercede on my behalf.

I was then guided by our Holy Spirit companion to you, dear brother my first engagement of a KIWI flavored on FIRE for the Lord YAHUSHUA loving blogging BLESSED Economist!

Thank you for your wonderful REVELATIONS! YOU have inspired me that not all KIWI's are suffering from APATHY and that we have WATCHMEN here in the flesh on our soil and Father has BLESSED my whining and filled it with your WISDOM. I have waited for YAHUSHUA to open the door for me for the last 20 years to be guided to others here in our country. As a Messianic woman of FAITH I am generally patient however the last few days have been trying times.....

I have enjoyed your intellectually sound and blessed Holy spirit filled humor! May many more BLESSINGS shower upon you and your family from father's HEART and hands...

Sister Mary - Rotorua.