Thursday, September 24, 2015

Christians and Culture (2) Culture Shapers

The culture reflects the heart of the people, and goes where they are going. If the culture leaders move too far away from that heart, they will be ignored.

  • The Levites were the culture shapers in the Mosaic system. They led their society to God.
  • The church was the main culture shapers for many centuries. The most important culture influence was the Sunday sermon. It pushed society towards God.
  • Modern culture shapers move people further way from God, partly because that is the way that the people are moving.
The church has yet to adjust to a situation where they on the opposite side to the culture shapers and the heart of the people.

The culture shapers and the government provide strong support for each other.

  • Politicians use the media to build support for their policies and capture the hearts of their followers.
  • Television news programs create interest by showing what political leaders are doing.
  • Even when criticising political leaders, the media perpetuates the view that the problems of society can be solved by politics.
  • Entertainment programmes portray good government agents using skill and power to defeat evil.
  • Reality television shows record police and customers beating up petty evil.
Nothing in this life is neutral. Music, art, television, movies are not neutral. They can be used for good or evil.

The news media are a powerful tool for the spiritual powers of evil. They use the emotions stirred up be these media to gain control of people’s lives.

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