Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Social Architecture (21) Kingdom

If the Tens and Fifties serves effectively, the local people will participate in some of their activities, especially those that advance justice, protection from crime, welfare and defence. When the non-Christians in the neighbourhood participate in the activities of the Ten or Fifty, they will have to compromise with their standards of behaviour.

The lifestyle of Tens and Fifties will be shaped by love for one another.

  • People will be treated with respect.
  • No one will be forced to do things that they do not want to do.
  • The truth will be spoken in love.
  • Hurts and misunderstanding will be resolved by forgiveness.
To participate in activities organised by Tens and Fifties, other people will have to fit with this lifestyle. They will compromise their behaviour gladly, because they will see the benefits that Tens and Fifties provide to their neighbourhood. However, they will not feel forced to change, because they remain free to opt out at any time.

Christian leaders will not control Christians in their care, but will serve them. They will also seek to serve the other people in their street. The people living in their neighbourhood will respect their leadership because they will have observed their kindness and love. When this has happens, something special has happened in in the neighbourhood.

  • If they serve effectively, Tens and Fifties will be the most influential groups in their neighbourhood.
  • The members of the Tens will have submitted voluntarily to the authority of their elders.
  • The elders will have submitted to Jesus, and to each other. This makes the Kingdom of God a reality in their midst.
  • People living in the neighbourhood but not following Jesus will submit to God's authority some of the time to benefit from the activities of the Tens and Fifties.
Taken together, this means that most people in the neighbourhood will be submitted to God most of the time, so the Kingdom of God has come to their neighbourhood.

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