Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Social Architecture (8) Role of Tens

A Ten had several important functions.

  • Protection – the men of the ten shared responsibility for protecting their families. They kept their families together while they were crossing the wilderness. They continued to provide protection once they were in the Promised Lands

  • Food – the members of the Ten shared the they gathered in the food.

  • Welfare – A member of the Ten would make an interest free loan to another member of the Ten who is in financial trouble (Deut 23:19-20).

  • Employment – The Ten would provide employment for everyone who belonged to it.

  • Resolving Disputes – Most issues would be relational and would be resolved by family love. A few might need to be referred outside the ten for resolution.

  • Education – the families of the Ten assisted would assist with educating each other’s children.

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