Saturday, September 19, 2015

Social Architecture (24) Distress

Ordinary life now faces many new challenges. The world is getting increasingly violent and unstable and individuals and families struggle without the support that used to come from Tens Fifties and Hundreds. We may be going into a time of trouble, distress and judgement. Christians should be prepared for troubled times. To cope with the disorderly world that is merging, Christians and their families must get together in Tens to provide support and protection for their communities.

Leaders of Tens will establish relationships with other tens to share in protection and support.

  • Tens in the country will produce food to give to tens in the cities.

  • Tens in the city will distribute surplus food received from the country to people in needs.

  • Tens in the city with surplus wealth will supply Tens in the country with the resources that they need.

  • The Ten at either end of street may agree to watch the entrance to the street to ensure that undesirable people do not enter the street. This may be the best form of protection against theft or looting during a time of disruption.

When social order disintegrates, state power will fall apart. Social welfare systems will collapse and justice will fail. Christian Tens and Hundreds will be needed to fill the gap. This will be a massive opportunity for the gospel. Tens, Fifties and Hundreds can keep society functioning effectively, even if all national and city authority have collapsed.

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