Friday, September 18, 2015

Social Architecture (23) Spiritual Protection

Tens and Fifties will provide spiritual protection for their communities by standing together in unity. They will watch over each other and stand together to resist the power of the enemy. While they walk in obedience to Jesus, the enemy will have no grounds for attack.

Other people in the neighbourhood will continue to sin and some may allow evil into their lives. However, none of these people will have authority over anyone else in their community. This limits the ability of the spiritual powers to interfere in the lives of others.

The only people in the neighbourhood with authority over others are the elders. They are submitted to each other, so their authority is constrained. The elders will be watching over each other, so if one come under attack or falls into sin, the others will deal with the issue to get victory over evil.

Tens and Hundreds provide spiritual protection for each other and the people in their neighbourhood.

  • The only authority in the street will be exercised by the elders of Tens. They are protected by submitting to each other.

  • The members of Tens and Fifties get spiritual protection by submission to their leaders.

  • The members of the Ten are not submitted to regional and national political powers and the spiritual principalities that cling to them.

The neighbourhood has becomes a relatively a demon-free zone.

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