Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Ecclesial Minimum

Apart from the presence of the Holy Spirit, the following are essential for a church.

  • Followers of Jesus who are committed to each other, living close together so they can do the one another stuff.

  • Christians who have been serving Jesus for a while watch over those who are just beginning to follow Jesus and encourage them to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey him.

  • Four or five leaders with gifts that complement each other (one who loves sharing the gospel, one who is prophetic and several who are shepherds). They are committed to loving each other, so they can serve Jesus in unity.

  • These leaders watch over the other people, warning of danger, and encouraging them to follow the leading of the Spirit.

  • Leaders replicate their ministries in those they are watching over.

  • The best leaders are sent out (apostled) to establish a new church. The people they have taught can quickly step up and take over as leaders in their place.

  • Leaders who have been sent out exercise authority/influence by looking back to the churches that sent them.

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