Friday, March 19, 2021


A father seeing his children fanning a fire that could spread dangerously or playing with a bomb that could explode would yell at them to escape and then grab them to get them out of danger, then put out the fire or defuse the bomb. He might pepper spray the person who was telling the children that playing with fire or bombs is fun, but he would not pepper spray the children standing watching who did not know who he was, who did not know that these were his children, and did not know the fire or bomb was dangerous. He might hurt the children in the process of rescuing them, but he would not shoot them in the feet with his rifle just to alert them to the danger they are in. He might show them a dangerous fire or a bomb exploding in a controlled situation to help them understand the danger.

Whacking people with evil does not have a very good success rate for turning people back to God. The first world war was terrible, but it did not bring a turning back to God. Nor did the great depression or the second world war. A century of war and economic pain did little to stop a decline in faith that continued throughout the 20th century.

God will often use a shaking judgment when his people are going to sleep, but he warns through his prophets first and ensures that he has a remnant prepared to rescue and restore those who wake up. He also uses a preventative judgment when evil is so rampant that terrible things would happen if it was able to go all the way.

However, whacking society is a sub-optimal method for changing people and society. It was the only method possible under the old covenant, but under the new covenant, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is more effective.

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