Monday, March 22, 2021

Spiritual State of America

“Beast” is a controlling spirit wishing to become a world dominator. He is currently working in America, alongside the spirits of war and violence, power, and deception, attempting to increase his power. They are all jockeying with each other for supremacy, but each one is supporting the other to seize influence in the hope that they will be the winner who takes all.

All recent presidents have contributed to their rise to ascendance.

George W Bush strengthened the place of his colleague, the spirit of war and violence, by engaging in a fruitless war on terror. Barack Obama continued in his thrall by selecting drone targets and watching them die, but he also struggled with political power. This strengthened the position of “Beast”, who loves power, and steps into any power vacuum that emerges.

All presidents lie, but Donald Trump took it to a new level, which gave greater power to the spirit of deception that controls the nation. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will continue under these spirits, with their propensity for lying and their fascination with military power. However, their mandate is weak, and their chosen task impossible, so they will struggle with political power. Their jockeying for position and their manipulation of political power will strengthen the hand of Beast, who loves using political power to intimate and control people to achieve his goals.

The future of the US hangs in the balance. I have noted before Ten Reasons why it could become the Terrible Beast described in Revelation and foreseen by Daniel. However, the outcome depends on the choices the American people will make, and Christians will have a strong influence on the result.

If Christians rejoice in secular progressive justice using political power, or hide in the church singing hill-songs and crying out for God to do something, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will expand the power of Beast. When he gains pride of place, the other spirits will continue to work for him as supporting stars.

On the other hand, if the remnant following Jesus, goes into the world to share his gospel and build kingdom communities, where followers of Jesus love each other and serve the broken people of the world, the tide could be turned the oat her way. But there does not seem to be much sign of that happening.

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