Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Ravi Zacharias

Christians all over the world have been shocked by the exposure of the failings of Ravi Zacharias (going down the same path as many other key Christian leaders). Much has been written about how and why, and I don’t have much to add except for one key point that seems to be totally missing from the discussion.

Whenever Jesus sent his disciples out to do something, he sent them in pairs, not with one in charge of the other, but as equals in authority. When he called them, he formed them into pairs, and that was how they always operated. I call these Power Pairs, because of their increased effectiveness in action.

The other benefit of operating this way is the spiritual safety that comes from pairs watching over each other. They will be close enough to each other to see what is going on and be willing to challenge the other if he is in danger of falling into sexual or financial immortality. If the church wants to turn back the tide of leaders falling from grace, we need all men (especially) to go back to working in pairs.

When one man is top dog, he becomes vulnerable to pride and spiritual attacks. The people working with him are dependent on his approval for the continuation of their ministry, so they are tempted to make excuses and remain silent when they see bad behaviour. Once a man is elevated over others, problems eventually follow.

When two leaders work together as a pair, the risk of sexual immorality is significantly reduced. They might end up in serious disagreement as Paul and Barnabas did, but they only hurt themselves and not the people who have trusted in them. Read the full article at Power Pairs.

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