Saturday, April 07, 2007

Theocracy and Democracy

The modern view is that democracy is the best way to appoint a government. However, enough democracies are doing evil to prove this is wrong. How a ruler gets into power is not the most important question. The critical question is "Do the rulers obey God?"

If a king is ruling according to the will of God, he is part of the Kingdom of God. If a parliament is not applying the will of God, it is part of the kingdom of darkness. Democracy tends to produce leaders who pander to the desires of the people, so it cannot be counted on to raise up leaders who will serve God.

A theocratic dictator could be better for a nation than a democratic parliament that ignores God.

The scriptures say very little about the correct form of government, but they say plenty about how governments should rule. Our focus should be on getting governments to rule according to God’s will.

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