Friday, April 27, 2007

Universal Laws (12) Conclusion

Over the last week I have posted about three universal laws. The complete series can be found here.

I have derived the three universal laws from common sense using reason and logic. The astute reader will note that these universal laws actually come from the Ten Commandments. some will have noticed that the many of the examples also come from the scriptures. A version with scripture references can be found here

These three laws are universal because they are written on our consciences. This is not surprising, because every human being has a conscience. Since we are all created in God’s image, our conscience reflects his standards. Everyone knows Gods law, because it is written on all human hearts. People repress their consciences with regard to their own behaviour, but they all know what is wrong for other people. These are universal laws, because they are God's laws.

The three universal laws appear to be human laws, because they are accepted by people everywhere. They are actually God’s law, as contained in the Ten Commandments. The reason they appear to be human laws is that God has written his law on human hearts.

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