Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Breeding Ground

Many bloggers quote from news agencies that will interest their readers. I have never done this before, but the following report from CBCZ was too interesting to ignore.

Several terrorist attacks have rocked the security of America. In the first attack, 32 students were killed at a University near Washington DC. Hundreds of other students were terrorized. According to official reports, the attacker was acting alone, but the websites that you need to go to find the truth suggest that he was part of an underground cell with links to cells in other parts of America. This view was confirmed by another attack on the west coast and the most recent terrorist strike was at the Kennedy Space Centre.

UV observers are concerned that America is becoming a breeding ground for terrorism. The UV has offered to send peacekeepers into the area, but President Bash has refused, saying that he cannot guarantee their safety.

The Israeli defence force has offered to drop 3 million cluster bombs on the area. They say that this is the only way to be certain that terrorists do not return when assault troops withdraw.

Several countries are offering an amnesty to political refugees from the area. However, this help might be too late to prevent a humanitarian crisis developing.

The CU has put a moratorium on all economic aid to America. They have set two conditions for aid being restored.

The first condition is that democracy must be restored. According to independent observers, democratic institutions are quite fragile in America. The most recent presidential election was judged to be flawed, but even with the assistance of some dubious practices, President Bash got less than 50 percent support. His support has now dropped to less than 30 percent.

Observers do not see the American parliament as a serious restraint on President Bash. Most representatives have been captured by the Israel lobby. The rest are dependent on big business for their positions, so a really independent opposition does not really exist. This means that international organizations have no legitimate authority with widespread support for them to negotiate with. They are keen to a deal, but there is no one to do a deal with.

The second condition that the CU set for a resumption of aid was a
resolution of the Indian problem. President Bash has never accepted the two-state solution mandated by the UV. The numerous American settlements on the Great Plains area that the UV has declared should be the basis of an Indian state are a serious obstacle to peace in the area. Most independent observers doubt that President Bash has the moral authority to force the settlers to leave the Great Plains area. Right-wing settlers say they have a God-given right to their homes and they will fight to remain.

Leaders of the free world are becoming concerned that a new axis of evil is emerging in the west, stretching from America to Britain.

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