Friday, April 13, 2007

Doing Good

The world is full of people who love telling others what to do. These people are not a problem. Unless the persson telling you what to do is your parent or wife, you can mostly just ignore them. Because they are mostly ignored, they cannot do much harm. In fact, if they persuade someone to do something good, that's fine.

Hey! I am one of those who love telling others what to do. And most people have no problem ignoring me, but thats fine. I prefer them to be thinking and free than kowtowing to me.

The world is also full of do gooders. These are not people who want to do what is good. They are people who want to force other people do what they think is good. Again, this is mostly not a problem. We can just ignore them.

The problem arises when these do gooders get hooked up with politicians. An lets face it, most politicians are do gooders. Almost all politicians believe they were elected to make laws and regulations that will force other people do do what they believe is good.

People with the political power to force other people to do good are very dangerous, because they cannot just be ignored. Politicians of every persuasion believe that people should be forced to do what they think is good or right.

Most political commentators have no problem with this. It has become normal. Yet these same commentators are horrified by the the thought that a group of Christians might force God's will on other people. I know which I would sooner have. I'd prefer to be forced to do God's will than be forced to do the will of some of the flaky politicians that get to power in this modern world.

Actually both are wrong. God is not interested in imposing his will on people against their will. He does not want his people doing this and he certainly does not approve of politicians imposing their will on unwilling people.

I am puzzled that intelligent men are upset by one form of coercion, but welcome the other. Maybe it is because they hope to be the ones telling us what to do and making us do it.

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