Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Universal Laws (10) Just Three

That's it.

The three laws are a universal highest common denominator. Some people might debate about the penalties, but murder, assault and theft are crimes in every culture and religion. Even libertarians with no religion acknowledge these three crimes. We do not need politicians and parliaments to tell us that these are crimes. Everyone knows that they are wrong.

These universal laws are comprehensive, because they provide protection for life and property. That is about all that law can do. Laws can influence external behaviour, but they cannot change hearts. They cannot make people be good. The most that the law can do is provide limited protection against theft and violence. Law cannot produce good people or eliminate evil.

Most people will agree on assault, murder, theft. Some will want to include adultery on the list. However, human nature being what is, some people will argue that it is not universally wrong. Adultery cannot be included in the highest common denominator.

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