Friday, April 20, 2007

Universal Laws (7) Penalties for Assault

The penalty for assault must compensate the victim for any damage to their body. They criminal should provide financial compensation to their victim according to the extent of their injuries. Head injuries or the loss of an eye will require more compensation than a black eye or a broken finger.

Assault is a form of theft, because the injured person’s ability to enjoy life or earn money is stolen.

If they injury is permanent, the victim will need compensation for loss of future income. All medical expenses should be paid as well.

If a person is assaulted by someone to whom they owe money, the debt might be cancelled by way of restitution.

The financial compensation for a sexual assault will take account of the physical, emotional and spiritual harm done. Permanent emotional scars will justify extreme financial penalties. If the assault affects the woman’s prospect for marriage, the compensation should also cover this.

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