Sunday, September 28, 2008

Genesis and Creation (14) - Missing Matter does Matter

The fourth serious problem with the big bang cosmology is that the universe is too empty. Given the estimated size of the universe, there are not sufficient physical objects in the universe to explain the observed gravitational forces. This problem was solved with a theory that up to 90% of the matter in the universe is dark matter with huge mass that does not emit light. However, dark matter has never been observed.

There are two reasons for this problem. First, there is the problem of observation. Astronomers looking out into space observe electromagnetic radiation covering the entire spectrum, from light to gamma waves. However, this data is absolutely meaningless without a theoretical framework through which to interpret what is observed. If the theoretical framework is wrong, the conclusions made from any observations are like to be flawed.

Any theoretical framework must deal with the fact that humans can only observe space from a single point in space. That makes distant objects difficult to measure. For example, it is difficult to guess the height of a mountain, if you do not know how far away it is. Likewise, it is difficult to assess the speed of a distant plane, if you do not know how large it is. We resolve these problems by observing from two points, but this is not really possible when observing space.

Scientists use a theoretical framework to decide on the size, distance and speed of objects, based on their intensity, but if this framework is flawed, their view of the universe will be distorted. The danger is that observers will reach conclusions that were buried in their theoretical assumptions. The fact the cosmological framework requires the existence of dark matter suggests that it is flawed. The universe might be much smaller than they think.

The second issue is that that modern scientists use a theoretical framework that leaves out God and ignores the spiritual dimension to life. This is a serious weakness. The spiritual dimension of life is intertwined with the physical universe, so it will have an impact on what is physically observed. The spiritual forces at work in this universe are good and evil. The dark matter that it shaping the universe may actually be the presence of evil spiritual forces, either operating freely or shut up by God (in an abyss).

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