Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Prophets and Law

The most popular pages by far on my website Kingdom Watcher are the pages on prophetic ministry. In a way this is odd, because good teaching on the role of the prophet is two a penny.

If the interest is a sign that God is raising up prophetic people all over the world, I am glad. I presume that most are a prophetic voice in their church. Hopefully a few of these are being raised up to be prophets to their nation, but I am not certain.

The Old Testament prophets were the guardians of God’s law. They prosecuted kings for their failure to obey the law. Every prophet speaking at the national level must use God’s law as a standard for testing the behaviour and actions of rulers, kings and politicians. To be an effective voice to their nation, these prophets must have a sound understanding of God’s law.

The strange thing is that the least popular pages on my website (again by far) are those that deal with law and government. The most important revelations I have about God’s standards are on these pages, yet almost no one clicks the link from the pages on prophetic ministry to the pages on law and government. This is really disturbing. It suggests that those called to be a prophetic voice in their nation do not understand the connection between their ministry and God’s law.

A prophet who is not rooted in God’s law will end up following after some fashionable secular voice. They can easily become the servant of particular political party. Without a clear standard, these prophets will be blown around by every wind of change.

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