Friday, September 12, 2008

Parousia Postponed?

Two angels were discussing the rumour going around heaven that the second coming has been deferred indefinitely.


I am not surprised. I was at the democratic convention in Denver Colorado and saw the music, the theatre, the speeches and the razzmatazz. The spectacle was absolutely amazing. “Lighting up the sky from one end to the other” just would not cut it as a spectacle any more.
You are right. I was there too. Obama’s speech was amazing. His platform makes the messiah’s promises look pitiful.
Angel3 (joining the other two).
Don’t worry guys, I have just returned from America. They have now got Sarah Palin. She is amazing and the church is in raptures over her. She is going to do everything that the messiah promised, plus some more, while still looking good. The church has Sarah Palin, so the messiah does not need to return any more.

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