Friday, September 19, 2008

Genesis and Creation (5) - Humility in All

Humans will never fully understand how the universe was created and formed. We can learn more and more about the universe as it exists now, but understanding its origins is largely beyond human understanding.

Christians can never know how these worlds were made, because although God knows, he has chosen not to reveal this information to us. All we have is one page of fairly poetic language and a few references in other parts of the Bible. A full technical account of the creation of the universe and everything in it would take a million pages, but we just do not have them. Christians should be much more realistic about how little we know about the origins of life. About all that we know is that we were created by God. We do not help our cause by pretending that we know a lot more, just because we love God.

Scientists will never fully understand how this world was made. Science works by developing theories and then undertaking repeatable experiments to test the theories. This works well for understanding things as they exist now, but the method is not so using for understanding the origins of the universe and the origins of life.

Scientists can conduct experiments to test little parts of their theories, but they cannot design an experiment to test the entire process. Putting some energy under the appropriate conditions and observing whether a universe emerges is simply not possible. It is not possible to put a few atoms together and observe whether human life evolves. Therefore all theories about the origins of the life and the universe must remain as theories.

Christians and scientists get into great arguments about who knows the most about the origins of this world. The truth is that neither group knows much at all. Both sides of this debate would benefit from a great dose of humility.


Anonymous said...

Yes true arguing gets us nowhere it doesn't change anyones heart or mind and is a useless endevor but I would like to say this, as you said the people who approach the study of anything without recognizing our creator God will never learn the truth. But be that as it may the are happy to spread lies and unproven theories like wildfire and present them as gospel truth!
I personally am very happy that the creationist movement came about because they are a resistance movement. The chuch was not doing the job and through the school system the battle was being won for the minds of the next generation by the atheists.

When I was in collage my own faith was weak and floundering and I credit that God used the creation ministry to give me a foundation on which to begin rebuilding. for this I remain ever grateful for those brave enough to stand up for truth against the overwhelming flood of deception.

Gene said...

Hayden voices my own journey. I was agnostic in college and the creation story was what brought me back.

Interesting how that great mystery causes wonder. A sign and a Wonder.